Labels stick

In the process of getting ready to sell my road bike, I discovered that there were some labels that needed to be removed. If you google “how to get rid of glue or label residue” you will get a long list of home remedies and retail products that claim to be able to do the job.  Sometimes the remedy can do more harm than the residue you are trying to get rid of.

Some of you that are close enough to my age are already guessing what I used…gasoline!  Yes, I am aware of how dangerous using gasoline can be, but keep in mind that I grew up in the 70’s before many of these other products were produced.  Back then we used gasoline like it was window cleaner, if you couldn’t get something clean, “go get the gas” my daddy would say. You could clean anything if you didn’t mind smelling like a gas pump.

Nowadays, companies are using labels that are suppose to come off clean, but that doesn’t always turn out that way, and you still end up with residue.  The best way to avoid cleaning up label residue is never apply labels to something valuable!

Aleva and I were in a store one day when we overheard a young woman on her mobile phone having a heated debate with someone.  The conversation got more and more heated while she was getting louder and louder until it was finally over. She kind of continued the conversation with herself for a minute when we heard young voice asked “mommy, was that my no good daddy?” This young child used that label to describe her daddy because it was the label her mother had given to her to use.

Unfortunately, that will be how that young girl will grow up remembering her daddy as “a no good daddy”  Labels are hard to get rid of. Sometimes you can never get rid of the residue.

HAMSIGHT: Never put a label on something valuable.