Are you comfortable?

I love hearing this question because it means that somebody is thinking about me and my experience. Most likely, I’m somewhere or doing something that I should be comfortable and enjoying myself.  The question implies that I should be comfortable and/or the person asking is willing to do something to make me comfortable if I’m not.

We like being comfortable.

Cars are built to be comfortable. Who would buy a couch that wasn’t comfortable?  If I buy a pair of shoes, they have to be comfortable. Goldilocks was never charged, but she was guilty of breaking and entering because she was looking for comfort.

“There’s no comfort in the growth zone, and there’s no growth in the comfort zone”

Jesus never told His followers to seek to be comfortable, but the opposite. In Luke 9:23, he tells us “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” In the New Testament, we never see Jesus’ disciples living a life of comfort, but we see them experience one challenging and uncomfortable scenario after another.

They weren’t in the comfort zone, but they for sure were in the growth zone!

Those early disciples experienced monumental growth and the gospel was spread all over the world because they listened when the Master said, “stop what you are doing and come and follow me”.  The Master still calls people out of what is sometimes a very cozy zone to take a step into the sometimes very uncomfortable growth zone.

I don’t ever remember anyone asking me if I was comfortable when I was a teenager, and I’m sure that Aleva and I never asked our kids if they were comfortable with their lives.  If you have been given a young person to steward, don’t focus too much on comfort. Luke 2:52 says “and Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”  He was learning and growing, not looking for comfort.

HAMSIGHT: Comfort is overrated. Growth is essential.