Your kid might need an oil change

Do you listen to your car when it’s talking to you?  I’m not talking about that luxury brand computer on wheels that can email the dealership when it’s time for an oil change. I was thinking more along the lines of the 1996 4Runner with 306,000 miles on it like the one I drive.

When he wants to tell me that there is a slight oil leak, he put a few drops on the garage floor. When it’s time to change an alternator pulley, he sings a song that’s different than his regular sounds.  When there is a water hose leak, I smell the unique smell of cooking antifreeze.

Kids are like cars when there is something wrong they will let you know.  It’s unlikely that they will walk up to you and tell what’s wrong, but they will tell you.  Do they look different, there’s something wrong. Do they sound different, there’s something wrong.  Do they smell different, there’s something wrong.

Hamsight: If there is an odd smell coming from your kid, check on them.