The devil doesn’t like trains

My secondary title of this blog is: “Oh, don’t you let the devil ride…” Several gospel artists recorded their version of the song, but it was first recorded in 1969 by Gospel artist Brother Joe May. The song goes on to say that if you let the devil ride, he’s going to want to drive.  Hence my title, The devil doesn’t like subway…because he can’t drive.

As I write this I’m thinking particularly of parents of teens, but actually, all of us can benefit from being more aware of the tricks of our number one enemy. I’m sure that all of us have been approached by the devil looking to catch a ride so he can take over and drive!

Our enemy loves doors that are left open. All he needs is a little crack in a door to make his way and cause all kinds of trouble.  His number one way is to cause confusion so he can take over and run your life or your family. He wants to drive.

None of us would allow a complete stranger to move in with us and take over the leadership of our household.  Yet that is exactly what this enemy wants to do. Stand tall and don’t let him do it. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Hamsight: Don’t give the devil a ride