You are going to get dirty

If you have ever gotten your car stuck in the mud, you know that it can be a major pain to get unstuck. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive you can get it stuck, and if you get stuck you are going to need help to get it unstuck.  If you google how to get your car unstuck you will find thousands of entries on the best way to get your vehicle unstuck. What they usually forget to tell you is that it’s going to be a messy situation

There are many reasons why people get stuck.  You may make the mistake of driving onto wet grass to load or unload your car.  I’ve seen people try to go around a stopped car on a narrow road and get stuck because they misjudged how much room they needed. Sometimes people get stuck because of a bad decision on their part.  Some get stuck because they were not aware that conditions had changed. The thing about being stuck is the more you try to get out the more stuck you become.  Your efforts by yourself to get unstuck just makes a bigger mess because it’s almost impossible to do it on your own.  When you are stuck in the mud nothing feels better than seeing that someone has noticed your dilemma and has stopped to help.

It’s really easy to tell when someone is stuck in the mud, and it’s just as easy to tell if someone is stuck in life or in a situation.  This type of stuck can be just as messy as getting dirty pushing a car.  What should you do when you see a kid or an adult who is stuck in life? I encourage you to reach out and try to help. Just as a driver can’t get their vehicle unstuck on their own, the adult or kid who is stuck in life can’t get unstuck alone.  It really doesn’t matter how or why someone got stuck. If you notice them, try to help because they won’t get unstuck without help.

hamsight: try to help people who are stuck