You can’t do God’s job

Have you experienced working with a kid that you wish you could do more to help them?  The kid I’m talking about is one that made you consider talking to your spouse about becoming foster parents.

It’s awesome that God has given you the gift of reaching kids and that have a heart of compassion for them.  We need more people like you to join the army of youth workers that want to rescue hurting kids.  But, pace yourself if you plan to stay enlisted. I began youth ministry over 25 years ago. Back then there were fewer families experiencing the level of trauma that we see today.

Statistics suggest that childhood trauma and abuse cross all boundaries of color, culture, economics, and even countries.  Unfortunately, if you work with kids, you will encounter tough situations that make you want to just rescue a kid and just take them home with you.  If that’s how you feel, I have the solution for you. It’s good but difficult news. You can’t do God’s job.

If you want to continue in ministry and be healthy, the news that we have to embrace is YOU CAN ONLY DO YOUR PART! You can’t do the kids part, no matter how bad you want to help a kid, it’s up to them if they are willing to accept your help. We certainly can’t do God’s part! We can speak the truth of God’s Word and pour into them everything we know, it still takes God’s Spirit to move a person’s heart to surrender. If you have done everything that you could possibly do, then pray, smile, and go to sleep.

hamsight: You can’t do God’s job